Pete Wentz

by Gracelle Nyna

My favorite-st guy in the world is no less than Fall Out Boy’s bassist. His name is this post’s title. Pete Wentz is a lyrical genius as well as…ummm…everything-genius…


Teehee…Patrick’s on the left, Pete’s on right (in case you don’t know) It must be a solo pic but Patrick’s appearance is obligatory (`cuz he’s my no. 1 crush) because this picture is too cute too be left stagnant in my hard disk.

Pete is an all-around man and I can’t enumerate it all. He’s a modern-day polymath…like a 21st century version of Leonardo da Vinci. It’s understood and a cliche that he’s best as FOB’s bassist/lyricist but being an author ties up with it. A draw. He has two published books: The Boy with the thorn in his side & Gray.

Those two books are my constant source of metaphorical inspiration. Pete’s great with metaphors…as great as he is with the ladieeesss. Haha. That’s what we love about him. His indirect words hits us, point blank. For me, his lyrics wears like avant-garde fashion.

Pete Wentz books are out of the ordinary. Critics say that his book’s are as pretentious as him. Other’s say that it isn’t worth it– it’s just a compilation of his thoughts. All have different opinions. All I can say is the books made me happy because it’s part of his brains and he let us read it. The fragile feelings.

I’m so honored to be a fan of Fall Out Boy and to know Pete Wentz– If Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is his savior…then he is my¬†Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”…kk. lame puns.

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