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First try on GIF images through Adobe Photoshop…

It’s supposed to be N-Y-N-A-A-A  but it turned out as NYNA…

Should’ve used different fonts.


Gonna talk about ♥

I hate.hate.hate.cheesy lines.It makes me wanna throw up my brains until I can’t remember anything of it.

Well. This happened because…..let me just tell you The Story

Once upon a lonely Sunday pre-morning. The author of this blog decided that life has nothing in store for her, so to make up for the negative space, the author decided to search Someone’s twitter account. Luckily,  Someone’s account is not private. The author took the opportunity to hover the pointer over Someone’s name and double-clicked the left trackpad button. Read tweets. Scroll down. Read tweets. Scroll down. Resist the urge to vomit. Then. Vomits. The author didn’t quite expect Someone to have lovey-dovey feelings like that. And Someone’s tweeting about it.  Those feelings weren’t for the author – just to make it clear. But Someone? Someone’s like that?…No…Someone is that. The author is stunned for a moment. Someone’s being a two-faced lie all along. Huh.

That’s what happened.

I can’t stand cheesiness. It’s sooo gooey…and disgusting… I’m lactose-intolerant for words.

I wish I’ll never be stuck to situations like that.  Uggghhh. If its fiction, then it’s okay…but the real  thing in real life…”disgust^10 infinities” is not enough to describe it.

Right now, I still feel a little sick.

Bless this post. Bless Someone.

Pete Wentz

My favorite-st guy in the world is no less than Fall Out Boy’s bassist. His name is this post’s title. Pete Wentz is a lyrical genius as well as…ummm…everything-genius…


Teehee…Patrick’s on the left, Pete’s on right (in case you don’t know) It must be a solo pic but Patrick’s appearance is obligatory (`cuz he’s my no. 1 crush) because this picture is too cute too be left stagnant in my hard disk.

Pete is an all-around man and I can’t enumerate it all. He’s a modern-day polymath…like a 21st century version of Leonardo da Vinci. It’s understood and a cliche that he’s best as FOB’s bassist/lyricist but being an author ties up with it. A draw. He has two published books: The Boy with the thorn in his side & Gray.

Those two books are my constant source of metaphorical inspiration. Pete’s great with metaphors…as great as he is with the ladieeesss. Haha. That’s what we love about him. His indirect words hits us, point blank. For me, his lyrics wears like avant-garde fashion.

Pete Wentz books are out of the ordinary. Critics say that his book’s are as pretentious as him. Other’s say that it isn’t worth it– it’s just a compilation of his thoughts. All have different opinions. All I can say is the books made me happy because it’s part of his brains and he let us read it. The fragile feelings.

I’m so honored to be a fan of Fall Out Boy and to know Pete Wentz– If Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” is his savior…then he is my Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”…kk. lame puns.




I wish I can be like that uber-kawaii girl that’s too cute to resist. Or. To be that drop-dead-gorgeous lady anyone will do everything for…………….too bad… I’m not even close to 0.0001%

The chibi illustration sucks…I’m not good with anything that looks good. Gawwd. I’m so pathetic.

The Rainy Day Kid aka Me


I’m always the rainy day kid, always on the waiting list. Always the last resort. I’m there for the bad days but for the Halcyon days (Bleach reference :3)….I mean, the better days, I’m locked away in the storage room. Alone together with loneliness and despair. <i know i’m gonna be like this forever> I’m getting tired of the bullshit everyone’s treating me with. I really hate it. I really do, but I can’t do anything. It’s like my life is doomed for misery right from the start. It’s a predicament I can’t escape.

The picture above is kinda like me. The epic DIY haircut. The weird fashion sense *my roomates call me trendsetter–no hard feelings here*: Bright tops (against tan skin–makes me look darker.huhu) Polka dot socks (i find it cute, they find it weird) and those glittery bright blue sneakers. Now see. Who’s gonna place that weirdo  #1 on the list. It’s weird but I think it makes me look like a happy, carefree person–bright colors contrast my monochrome feelings. But it’s a paper thin disguise to what I feel inside. Look at that stupidly sad face.

I really envy others. I wish I wasn’t me. But I like myself. Then probably, I’m wishing for the bad side of me to fade away. But somehow, I want to be a different person entirely. No one ever gets contented.

Pretty Hurts

Way off to end the year. Beyonce really is The Queen. Dropping off an album like that…she broke the internet. Kudos to QueenBey.
This song is my favorite (so far).
Pretty Hurts really gives us the two views. It’s great to be beautiful, people look up to you, the fame and the recognition.
But beauty means…and beauty is…Sacrifice.
If I’m good enough to be a model (huhu. it’s like i’m 0.0001% legible) I swear I’m gonna go through all of that craziness just to be…but like what’s said there, “What’s your aspiration in life?”
If your aspiration in life is to please others…then go.
The point here is…make sure that what you’re working on will make you attain your aspiration.

*I SUCK!!!*

Goodbye, Halcyon Days :(

So far, this is the saddest chapter I’ve read from Bleach.

Orihime’s line is tooo cheeesy an heartbreaking at the same time.









“…and the for those five times…I’d fall in love with the same person.”

Oh, unrequited love. Yay or nay?



 “So dream and achieve, believe and become!”


I won Tricia Gosingtian Stylebook last week, WranglerPH’s giveaway. This book is so inspiring, in a way that it makes me annihilate my wallet..JK…it can serve as a list in buying investment pieces…this stylebook made me realize that investment pieces doesn’t have to be boring, it can be very trendy and still, it won’t go out of style. Wut? trendy>can’t go out of style?? idk but Tricia Gosingtian made the impossible to happen. This book is a very good investment and it’s a real big help to those who need guidelines in their fashion choices. For me, this book is like a handheld blog w/ less words but w/ the same big impact. BTW, Tricia Gosingtian is my favorite-st blogger. Check out her blog, Tricia Will Go Places.

*this is how i  make a book review*

*does it suck?*

*if it does, close this webpage, forget everything, go to National Bookstore, buy Tricia Gosingtian : 150 Style Essentials For Every Girl*

*Promise! This book is great*

“smooch” vs smooooch

I wish I was at RockinEve. FOB…when??? Suddenly, this video popped out of nowhere…

Patrick’s sooo cute.

Pete’s naughty as ever.

Fall Out Boy ^o^


…♥♥♥ my anime loves ♥♥♥….

KYAA!!! Just looking at them makes my heart go doki-doki.

Especially, Gokudera….I mean….Hayato-kun….Kyaaaa!

Lol. I suck at using Japanese terms. #tryinghard

Sooo proud of my Enma Kozato illustration – he looks like the real thing.

As for Flan….sorry…that’s the closest I can get.


…did it with

> http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/289/5/5/anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf

>Photoshop Cs5

…fueled by anime addiction…

…It sucks a bit (noooo. A LOT)…made up entirely of misalignments and…character looks gone wrong…

trust me….the options are too limited…(and my patience too)…

I’m going to make a better version of this…if there’s time…

*have you noticed…I love monochrome….*

*JK…I (am deeply in) love (with) characters with white/silver hair*

*And also, characters with the hair parted at the middle*


…I’m so corny…huhu…because I’m a nerd…you won’t understand how I feel…unless you’re a fellow nerd…

Ugh, I hate me. But the person I love the most is me. I’m a walking irony.

Bless this post.


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